Advisory board

Professor emeritus James (Jim) Christensen served for a lifetime as a gastroenterologist and scientist at Iowa Hospital and Clinics in Iowa City, USA, including being the chair of Department of Gastroenterology for a long period. He has widely published on most aspects of gastrointestinal physiology, especially related to Neurogastroenterology.  In addition he published in clinical and epidemiology journals. He was co-editor of the prestigious Physiology of the Gastrointestinal Tract. He has won many international awards. 

Senior scientist Barry Phillip McMahon was born in Ireland and has for many years served as head of department of biomedical engineering at Adelaide and Meath Hospital. He received his PhD degree in Denmark and has developed new technology and applied it for studies of sphincter function with a special interest on the upper oesophageal sphincter. He is the current director of the institute in a phase where DGRI is looking for a new director.

Professor Ghassan S. Kassab received his biomedical engineering degree and PhD-degree from University of California San Diego. He is a highly cited researcher in the cardiovascular as well as gastrointestinal fields. He is Thomas J. Linnemeier Guidant Chair and Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University in Indianapolis. 

Professor Feng Zhuang was head of the science institute, China-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing for many years. He is a highly ranked scientist in China and widely published on numerous subjects including medicine and engineering.  At an early stage he facilitated exchange between China and the West and saw the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration.