The Diagles-GIOME Research Institute (DGRI) is an independent research institute with a staff and board of demonstrated World-class excellence in science and leadership. DGRI is committed to the investigation of digestive physiology and gastrointestinal disease. DRGI scientists publish regularly in peer-reviewed journals and present at international meetings.

Gastrointestinal diseases put a large economic burden on society and affect millions across the World, with serious quality-of-life consequences for them and their families. DGRI is an interdisciplinary research group committed to the investigation of gastrointestinal disease to improve public health. We seek to conduct basic, applied and clinical research and to heighten awareness of issues and concerns about diagnostics and treatment. As a non-profit organization, our strength rests on the integrity of our research practices, our commitment to the health and well-being of the patient population, and our search for new knowledge.

Our research methods and strategies range from:

  • Studying mechanisms on the molecular, cellular and organ level
  • Epidemiology of gastrointestinal disease
  • Validation of technology
  • Mathematical modelling of gut function

DRGI has a team of basic and clinical scientists, statisticians, and epidemiologists that collaborate closely with universities, government institutions and private companies. The scientists operating at the highest level have enabled DGRI to have a unique global network of support from individuals and institutions.

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